Snow Leopard 10.6 Build 10a380

Apple released build 10a380 (the last developer preview) of Snow Leopard last week. This apparently is the last developer preview released prior to shipping Snow Leopard in September.

Some of the new features include:

  1. Full 64-bit support.
  2. Intel only architecture resulting in faster applications, and far far less disk space for OS. Apple claims that Snow Leopard’s HD footprint is 6GB less than Leopard.
  3. Grand Central Station (framework for clever management of multi-processor multi-threading execution).
  4. OpenCL (Open Computing Language). New standards C based software abstraction layer for managing video processing power. This will allow developers to leverage GPUs in any application.
  5. New version of QuickTime (QuickTime X).
  6. Dock Expose (not included in this release).

Snow Leopard will retail at $29 ($49 for a family pack).


Pro JavaScript RIA Techniques Book

An ex-colleague and very good friend has just published his book on Pro JavaScript RIA Techniques. Den Odell is one of the best in the field of Web Development. Despite not having read the book yet myself, I am sure it is nothing sort of brilliant. Having worked closely with Den for a number of years, on large scale public facing web sites, I am completely confident in his skills and ability to transfer his knowledge to paper.

Read more about his book here.

Once again congratulations Den.