WWDC 2010 – June 7-11

Today Apple finally announced the much anticipated WWDC 2010 dates. It will be held at the usual place (Moscone West Conference Centre in San Francisco), on June 7 – 11. This comes as a surprise since it was widely anticipated that the conference was going to be held in late June rather than in its usual early June slot. This year Apple announced the dates almost a month later than the usual late March. Also the focus this year seems to be totally on iPhone & iPad development. Not really a lot about Mac OS X development. I have already purchased my ticket and anxiously awaiting for my confirmation code so I can activate my e-ticket. Looking through the myriad of post-graduate hardcore technical sessions – I have already picked up a few interesting ones (iPhone OS Multitasking – Parts 1 & 2)!!! See you all there in June!


Knight Frank Property Search for iPhone

In the last few months I have not been spending a lot of time blogging. That has been mainly due to the fact that I have been hard at building my first iPhone App. Knight Frank Property Search for iPhone is a truly international property search app for the iPhone. I personally think it is the first of its kind really. Even though there are other property apps out there, none of them really allow you to text & GPS search properties around the world. Take a look and let me know what you think. iTunes

WWDC 2010?

Well spring is upon us as is the end of April as well. We’ve heard of the new iPad, iPhone OS 4.0 Betas 1 & 2, new MacBook Pro laptops but absolutely not a single word from Apple about this year’s WWDC conference. Last year it was held in early June and the dates were announced in late March. This year rumours have it that it will be held in late June.

Let’s see what happens. Oh and see you all in San Francisco.