Visual Studio 2019 – New Features – AI Code Assistant

Apple’s WWDC Keynote news will be dominating most of the tech news in the coming week, however I thought it would be worth to note that Microsoft’s AI powered IntelliCode Assistant is now generally available.

This new feature builds on the great IntelliSense features of Visual Studio, which essentially provide you with type-ahead code recommendations. Microsoft trained IntelliCode by feeding it the source code of thousands of open-source GitHub projects (with 100 stars or more). By combining this data and the context of your code, it can make much smarter recommendations. For instance instead of just offering just an alphabetically sorted list of all the properties, methods and events of a class, you now get far more clever suggestions which in most cases eliminate the need for scrolling.

So far it offers coding recommendations, argument completion as well as inferring code style and formatting conventions. It supports C#, C++, TypeScript/JavaScript and XAML. Of course, this is only the beginning of what Microsoft can do with this new feature. For now it will help save a lot of time while helping developer reduce bugs by making better choices as they write code.

The new feature is available on Visual Studio 16.1 and as an extension for Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8. Try it yourselves today. There is also an extension available for Visual Studio Code.