Visual Studio 2019 – New Features – Data Breakpoints

There are two new additions to Visual Studio 2019, full .NET Core 3.0 support and Data Breakpoints.

When .NET Core 3.0 is released later on this year, it will be fully supported by the latest version of Visual Studio. .NET Core 3.0 (currently in Preview 3) is already supported within the IDE, but Microsoft decided to delay its full release until the autumn, when it will be fully integrated. However, it currently needs to be installed separately and enabled within the IDE.


Once you have installed and enabled support for .NET Core 3.0 you can play with a very useful new feature, Data Breakpoints. Once available only to C++ developers, it has now been adapted to work with .NET Core 3.0 applications. This feature allows you to break your execution, and jump into the debugger, when a variable’s value changes. This makes finding where a global objected is being modified very easy.


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