Mac OS X Tip #1- The Alt Key

Starting this week, I will be posting regular Mac OS X Leopard tips that I come across.
The Alt key is quite powerful on Macs. First hidden little secret is the System Profiler and the Alt key. If you want to start System Profiler quickly then hold your Alt key while you click on the Apple menu. The About This Mac menu item will change to System Profiler, and by clicking it will launch System Profiler instead of the About screen.
The Alt key has many hidden uses in Mac OS X and I will be revealing them slowly, so stay in touch. Also I am going to start talking about Xcode and Objective C very soon and everything about development on Mac OS X.


One thought on “Mac OS X Tip #1- The Alt Key

  1. >Maybe it's just a ex-PC converted to mac user thing, but Im missing something. I gotta press alt to have Itunes fix my Iphone restore (after jailbrake) and simply nothing is going on! I was wondering if the machine interprets as option key and not alt. Do i have t press fn and option to get alt? Or shift option to get alt?Sorry it had nothing to so with your original post, but I'm srt of in desperation mode here!Thx

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