To blog or not to blog

My name is Joseph Megkousoglou – I know it is a bit of a mouthful.

I work for Knight Frank in London. Knight Frank is the largest privately owned property services firm in the world, you can read more about them on Wikipedia. My title is Associate, Senior Lead Developer and I am responsible for the web site software engineering team at the firm. We have a number of web sites that help the firm advertise all its properties and services. You can have a look at our UK one here.

Prior to working at Knight Frank I was a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Manager for AKQA, a leading digital agency in London. During my time at AKQA, I worked mainly on the and web sites. I was also involved in other work with Microsoft, Xbox and Gucci.

I feel that, after working professionally as a Software Engineer for over 8 years and with almost 20 years of software development experience, I should help others via my blog. I will try to post technical articles relating to Microsoft programming technologies (namely C# and .NET).

I currently hold a BSc in Computer Science (Brunel University) and an MSc in User Interface Design (London Metropolitan University).

I hope you will find this blog useful and that you will visit regularly.

To blog then it is.



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